D-NOV is a creator and manufacturer of materials for:

  • Absorbing shocks
  • Mitigate vibration
  • Absorbing petroleum products

Thanks to new technology based on nano-shock absorbers, D-NOV can design and manufacture new materials and finished products with energy absorption coefficients up to 6 times more efficient than conventional materials.

We can adapt the hardness, elasticity and temperature resistance you need:

  • We develop materials
  • We realize the prototypes
  • We can also produce for you

Our technology allows getting smaller, lighter, finer parts, stronger resistance and increased flexibility for superior absorption efficiencies.

Thanks to nano damping, we protect your worries.

Come and discover our first generation of personal protection against shocks: A-XOC

You need to absorb shocks and vibrations

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Our New Offer

With our absorbent technology, we offer shock protectors, protective jackets for bikers and athletes, and a program for Austrian driving schools.

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