Les activités exposées aux risques de chocs

Some of the activities with the highest risk of shocks are extreme sports: for example motorcycling, skiing, or even mountain-biking, where the risks of a fall are well-known.

The ergonomics and efficacy of A-XOC protective clothing means that you can now protect yourself while remaining comfortable - you no longer need to choose!

  • A-XOC protective products comply with the highest CE protection standards (CE standards EN 1621-1:2012 and EN 1621-2:2014, level 2, standards for motorcyclists). Certifié en EN 1621-1 et EN 1621-2
  • The lightness and flexibility of A-XOC protective products means you can enjoy your sport to the max. The material is so light and breathable that you will soon forget that you are (very well) protected!
A-XOC protectors are lightLight
A-XOC protectors are breathableBreathable
A-XOC protectors are flexibleFlexible

The A-XOC collection offers 3 solutions

  • A-XOC under-jacket

    Denim jacket in summer, leather jacket in winter… you can now wear the latest fashions or remain faithful to your wardrobe staples while riding in complete safety, with the A-XOC under-jacket (with shoulder, elbow and bank protectors).

    the A-XOC under-jacket
    The A-XOC under-jacket is invisible under your clothes.
  • A-XOC under-trousers

    The A-XOC under-trousers protect your hips and knees... don't forget about them!

    Le sous-pantalon A-XOC
    Le sous-pantalon A-XOC se fait invisible sous les vêtements
  • A-XOC protectors

    Do you already have a protective jacket or trousers? We provide a full range of protectors, tailored to all your joints: shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees. Each of these protectors will slide very easily into your clothing. So don't wait a moment longer!

    A-XOC protectors for shoulders
    A-XOC protectors for elbows

Are shocks an issue you have to deal with?

Get in touch. We can vulcanise your materials, or develop customised anti-shock products for you based on your toughness requirements, size constraints, etc.

Comfortable and safe protection against shocks and vibration!