D-Nov creates and manufactures materials able of absorbing shocks and reducing vibrations, both of which can be damaging to health and the professional environment.

In a rapidly-changing world, our innovative nano-damping technology can fulfil increasingly specific safety requirements: D-Nov® products can now protect you without constraints against shocks and low-frequency vibrations.

Our teams are comprised of engineers from a range of specialist disciplines: materials engineers, plastics engineers, physicists, chemists, mechanics, mathematicians, etc.

With the combination of our technologies and our expertise we can meet your needs, however demanding they may be: we can develop customised materials, create prototypes and produce finished or semi-finished products.

D-Nov® is a subsidiary of the PREVOR group, with a factory in Austria and research laboratories in Vienna (Austria) and Liège (Belgium). All our products are designed and manufactured in Europe.

We work with customers from a range of industries: the automotive, construction, transportation and consumer goods industries, among others.

Against shocks and vibration, improve comfort and stay healthy!

testing for shocks and vibrations