What is a shock?

A shock is the application of a force over a very short space of time.

This is what happens in a collision, for example, where a moving object is suddenly stopped in its tracks; its speed is reduced to zero in only a fraction of a second.

It is this very intense transfer of energy within a very short time that explains the danger posed by shocks.

What is a shock?

How do we protect you?

Our materials are viscoelastic polymers. Their elasticity allows the shock to be absorbed and diffused through the oil of the material, with the energy of the shock transformed into heat.

Their specific internal deformation and heating properties means that our materials remain full effective while meeting your stringent physical constraints.

absorbing and diffusing the shock
the oil of the material absorbs the shock
the energy of the shock is transformed into heat

Are shocks an issue you have to deal with?

Get in touch. We can vulcanise your materials, or develop customised anti-shock products for you based on your toughness requirements, size constraints, etc.

Take a look at our A-XOC range, for example, a collection of protective clothing against motorcycle shock risks, developed especially for motorcyclists.

Comfortable and safe protection against shocks and vibration!