At work or at home, using hand-held machinery can damage your health

vibrations caused by a jackhammer
vibrations caused by a drill
vibrations caused by a sander
vibrations caused by a chipping-hammer

The low frequency vibrations generated by these tools causes fatigue in the hands and arms, as well as tingling and even numbness.

With prolonged and regular use, they can also cause musculoskeletal, joint, circulatory and neurological disorders, or even ankylosing diseases (hand-arm vibration syndrome).

énergie transmise en fonction des machines Energy Transmitted by machinery
Fatigue - Tingling – NumbnessFatigue
Circulatory Disorders - Neurological Disorders - Musculoskeletal DisordersCirculatory Disorders
Neurological Disorders
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Hand-Arm Vibration SyndromeHand-Arm Vibration Syndrome


One of easiest and most rapidly-implemented solutions for mitigating these risks is to reduce exposure to vibrations, either by limiting the duration of exposure or by reducing the intensity of the vibration.

D-NOV®'s anti-vibration materials absorb the energy of the vibration waves and limit the penetration of the vibrations into the arms.

The special feature of D-NOV® gloves is that they have low-pass properties tailored to low frequency vibrations: this means that D-NOV® anti-vibration gloves have a cut-off frequency of 16 Hz.

gants D-NOV adaptés aux vibrations basses fréquences

D-NOV® anti-vibration gloves reduce both fatigue and more serious issues caused by hand-held vibrating machinery. Protect yourself, be comfortable and stay safe!

gants D-NOV adaptés aux vibrations basses fréquences Product pending ISO 10819 Certification

Do you have issues with vibration?

Get in touch. We can create customised anti-vibration materials or products for you based on your vibrations risks.

Comfortable and safe protection against shocks and vibration!